Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like any motor vehicle or other major purchase, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance at the hands of a certified technician. Air conditioner systems can be complicated with electrical, mechanical, and pressurized systems all needing regular attention. With a maintenance membership from And Cooling Services, you can rest assured your air conditioner is going to keep running at maximum efficiency and at lowest cost to you.

Clean and Inspect Your Air Conditioner Regularly

The truth is, regularly scheduled maintenance for your air conditioning system is the best way to avoid costly repairs or an early retirement of this most expensive appliance. Dirt, dust and leaks can sneak up on a system if not cleaned up promptly. Keeping the air conditioning system clean can also reduce airborne pathogens in the home for a happier, healthier, and more productive family. This is especially important for those members of the family with asthma, emphysema or other respiratory conditions.

We have certified experts in air conditioning maintenance. Our highly trained technicians understand that the quality of the air in the home has a direct impact on your lifestyle, your health and your comfort. Air quality can also impact the health of children and the elderly. For this reason, a multi-point maintenance plan from And Cooling Services covers the entire system.

Our Multi-Point Total System Maintenance Includes:

  • Checking volts and amps of all motors.
  • Checking Checking the compressor.
  • Checking Checking contactor for pitting or burning.
  • Checking Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Checking Putting pan tabs in drain pan.
  • Checking Vacuuming drain line to keep it clear.
  • Checking Checking superheat.
  • Checking Checking refrigerant pressure.
  • Checking Checking capacitors.
  • Checking Cleaning or changing standard filters.
  • Checking Checking thermostat operation.
  • Checking Checking heating sequence in the winter.
  • Checking Checking cooling sequence in the summer.
  • Checking Checking electrical connections.
  • Checking Checking all bearings.
  • Checking Checking belt condition (if applicable).
  • Checking Cleaning indoor unit.
  • Checking Washing and waxing outdoor unit.
  • Checking Up to one pound of refrigerant free.
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Wiring Check
Leak Check
Amp Check
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